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New perspectives for a better Langford


We have come so far, it is time to pivot for the future. We can and must do better.

A Langford we can be proud of.

Like many residents here, my family and I are relative newcomers to Langford and the traditional territories of the Lekungwen speaking peoples. After years of renting in various municipalities, we had the privilege of being able to purchase our first home In Langford in early 2020.

We have appreciated what the community has to offer. At the same time, I have been alarmed by the lack of an up-to-date community plan, the patchwork, ad-hoc development, the lack of public infrastructure and the opacity of city finances. In the midst of a housing affordability crisis and a looming climate crisis, what we have done for the last 30 years clearly is no longer working – we can and must do better.

I believe through my professional expertise, coupled with my desire to work collaboratively with people who live in the community, we can build a better Langford together.

Top priorities

Transparency and Engagement

Adopt an open government model to increase accountability and transparency that allows for greater community engagement.

Affordability and Sustainable Growth

Create housing for current and future generations, that does not come at the expense of the environment or a livable community.

Financial Accountability

Adopt an open and transparent system of financial reporting: you should not need to be an accountant to understand where your money is being spent.

Public Infrastructure

Build the needed public infrastructure that goes along with new homes – from transit to public parks, rec centres and basic services.

My Story

I grew up in Edmonton and though like many I left at first chance, that city played a critical role in shaping my understanding of the importance of community. Through my parents, I was introduced to vibrant community associations that exist throughout the city. It was not until leaving Edmonton that I realized how unique and vital these community associations were.

When I graduated high school, I went to college and enlisted with the Canadian Armed Forces Reserve to help pay my way. During the summers I spent time working with the armed forces, tree planting and fighting forest fires. These positions took me all around B.C. and Canada before I finally settled down for a time in the Okanagan.

I met my wife along the way and with a young family now in tow, I completed my undergraduate degree in economics from UBC-Okanagan while working full-time as a banking officer. My passion for public policy, and my desire to make the world a bit better, led me to pursue a graduate degree in economics from UVic, bringing us to Vancouver Island and Saanich before settling down in Langford. I currently work at Camosun College, teaching economics.

Off the campaign trail, you will often find me out for a bike ride or shuttling my kids between the hockey arena, soccer pitch and lacrosse box, cheering them on the whole way.

As long-time renters who have only recently been fortunate enough to purchase our first house, our family knows the impacts of the housing crisis too well. As an economist, I know that there is no easy answer, but there are steps we can start taking in the right direction. What we have been doing has led us to this point. It is time to pivot and move forward -- we can do better.

Support my campaign

The only way to secure a better Langford is together. Your contribution will go directly to supporting that goal. We can not achieve this without you and your support.

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I'm here to listen.

A pillar of my platform is open, transparent government that engages with Langford residents; I will listen and respond with respect and humility today, tomorrow, and as long as I have the privilege to serve you.

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Support from the community

"Keith is the perfect example of the kind of leadership we need in Langford.  He is extremely intelligent and educated, while being an approachable and open person. He is passionate about his community, and the people who live there, and is always willing to listen to another person's point of view and ideas.  Keith and his family fully embrace what Langford has to offer, and can often be found outside hiking, biking and participating in the abundance of opportunities we have available to us.  I believe Keith will lead with a level head, and an open mind, standing side by side with the constituents he represents."

- Carissa Lalonde, Langford resident

"Keith is the type of person I want to see on council. A knowledgeable, innovative, and focused individual who cares about his community. Working on a strata council with Keith has given me a first hand perspective of this in action. His Masters in Economics has been invaluable in dealing with everything from the daily tasks to the unexpected events of helping to run a strata. A person with progressive views and a sensible mindset, not having him on city council would be a missed opportunity for Langford and the community as a whole.

- Nick Engwer, Langford Resident

"Keith is a strong candidate for Langford council. His background in economics positions him well to be at the council table as Langford continues to grow. Keith is a person that tackles issues and with his pragmatic approach delivers solutions. Keith is a dedicated volunteer in the community; striving to make where he lives a better place for families.

- Andy Stuart, President Saanich Lacrosse and colleague

"Keith is approachable and always willing to help and find solutions that best suit everyone. I have come to know him as a fair person, with extensive knowledge of many subjects. I know he would represent the people of Langford well. He is a real family man, lover of the outdoors and well-rounded in his experiences. Impressively, Keith is in his mid-thirties and has been a professor of economics since 2016! There’s not a more balanced body running for council in my opinion. I vote Keith!" 

- Nik Lioucatis, Langford resident

Keith is proudly endorsed by Langford Now

a grassroots community movement for an accountable Langford that balances development with infrastructure, social, and environmental needs.

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Want to see a sweeping change in Langford?

This October, vote for Keith along with all of Langford Now’s endorsed candidates to ensure that your voice is heard at city hall with a balanced, progressive council that listens to YOU!


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New perspectives for a better Langford: We have come so far, it is time to pivot for the future. It is time to pass on the torch.
New perspectives for a better Langford: We have come so far, it is time to pivot for the future. It is time to pass on the torch.